Why You Need a Proactive Fire Protection Partner

Hospitals and other medical facilities have plenty of safety issues to consider day to day without adding fire threats to the mix. However, even if you don’t want to think about it, the risk of fire is always present for any building. 

Because fire protection is such a critical part of ensuring both the staff and clients’ safety at your medical facility, you must make sure your facility’s fire safety systems are in proper working order. Partnering with a proactive fire protection partner is the best way to ensure your facility has a properly inspected system. Plus, it can help you lower your overall fire risk and give you peace of mind that your staff and patients are as safe as possible.

Read on to learn some of the ways that a partnership with a fire protection company, such as FPS Technologies, is beneficial for your medical practice. 

What Makes FPS a Proactive Partner?

Accreditation bodies generally require that medical facilities have a robust, fully functional fire safety system. While there are many licensed technicians who can perform an inspection, not every technician or fire protection company is the same. Many will check off the necessary boxes and walk out your door until the next inspection.  

At FPS, we have several additional steps beyond merely inspecting your fire suppression system. 

Product Recalls

If a manufacturer or production facility issues a recall for any component of your life safety system, we reach out to our partners to notify them. During our conversation, we’ll recommend what steps you should take, address any questions you have, and help you make any repair or replacement associated with the recalled part. 

Proactive Fire Protection Partner - 1

Identify Aging Components 

After an inspection, we provide our partners with a report for each device we tested that details which specific components passed or failed. If one of our inspectors notices a system component that has passed but is overly aged and starting to wear out, we’ll make recommendations for upgrades. By taking proactive steps to avoid a system failure, you provide better safety for all those in your facility. 

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Inspection Reminders

Anyone who’s tried to manage a medical facility’s accreditation inspection schedule knows that various parts of the fire safety system need to be inspected at different frequencies. Working with us means you don’t have to worry about maintaining your complicated inspection schedule! 

No matter your accreditation body’s inspection timeline, we’ll create a schedule just for you and help you stay on top of your deadlines. We’ll reach out before each due date to get on your schedule so that you never risk losing your accreditation. 

Improve Your Safety Score

We don’t just help you maintain the status quo; we help you have the best result possible. When you partner with FPS, we’ll offer recommendations for improving your life safety system that directly correlate with a higher facility safety score. The better your safety score, the more federal funding your facility is eligible to receive. 

Our goal is to help you serve your patients and community the best way you can, and securing additional funding is essential to providing the highest-quality care. If you want to hire the best staff and use the latest and greatest equipment, partner with FPS to raise your safety score.

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Go Beyond the Inspection

Reducing your fire risk goes beyond a simple fire alarm and annual inspection. We offer on-site fire extinguisher training to help your staff safely address small fires before they spread. We also provide fire drill support for facilities that request it. At your scheduled drill time, an FPS technician will help time your evacuation and verify that your fire panel is reset correctly after the drill. 

Why Partner with FPS?

The Joint Commission (and other accreditation organizations) require that fire safety system inspections be conducted by licensed technicians working for a licensed company – which FPS is, and our technicians are! Our technicians even have specific licensing for each fire system component, such as sprinklers, fire alarms, and extinguishers.

Not only do we have the licensing, but we share a common goal: providing the staff and patients at your facility with a safe work environment. Hospitals and medical centers have enough on their plate already, so don’t add fire risks to that already long list. Get in touch if you’re ready to partner with FPS to create your facility’s personalized inspection schedule and improve your facility safety score.