Catastrophe at the Country Club: A Cautionary Tale

During the February 2021 deep freeze in Oklahoma City, the unexpected drop in temperatures caught the Gaillardia Country Club by surprise. Unfortunately, the cold weather froze the pipes in their plumbing and fire sprinkler system, which caused them to burst. 

The majority of the property flooded and the water damage was significant. 

After the initial flood clean-up, our team partnered with AC Owen Construction to repair the sprinkler system and remodel the facility. 

The lesson here? That even the most well-cared-for properties can suffer accidents that lead to expensive repairs.

Want to avoid the huge bill for water damage clean up and remodeling that Gaillardia had? We recommend scheduling a winterization appointment with our team before the cold weather hits. 

What to Expect at Your Winterization Appointment

One of our primary goals at a winterization appointment is to help business owners understand what components they have on their premises that are at risk during cold temps. We also identify and remedy any weak points in the system to reduce the chances of freezing damage.

Here’s a peek at the checklist we use to get your property as freeze-ready as possible: 


Check all dry pipe and pre-action systems to make sure they’re not flooded
Drain ALL low point drains
Verify and record the location of all drains with the Owner/Occupant and the number of low point drains
Verify proper operation, function, and settings for the air compressor or alternate air supply
Drain condensation from the air compressor tank
Ensure that the attic (or any type of concealed space where piping is) maintains a temperature 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, devoid of any wind drafts



Check the antifreeze systems by testing the concentration of the antifreeze solution. 
Adjust the level of antifreeze solution in the systems when necessary.



Check valve rooms, pump rooms, stair enclosures, and areas with exposed piping for the following:

Heaters are working properly
Dampers are closed
No unprotected openings are present



Verify that FDC is not full of water 
Verify that ball drips are working properly
Verify that your caps are not missing



Check water storage tank heaters for proper operation, where present
Determine if heat tracing is intact and operating properly, including monitoring systems for heat trace systems
Visually inspect the integrity of any pipe insulation where provided
Visually inspect any wet pipe in attic areas to determine if required insulation is in place, or if the insulation has been disturbed
Provide the customer with a copy of the completed inspection checklist (if requested) and attach a copy to the work order
Provide the customer with at least one copy of the drum drip assembly instruction sheet
Document all deficiencies/recommended repairs or modifications


You can download the Winterization Checklist and complete it yourself by clicking the button below, or you can schedule an appointment with our team and let us take it off your plate.

Download This Checklist

It’s important to know that this winterizing checklist is a great place to start and can prevent a lot of issues, but you can never totally prevent freak accidents. Before a freeze, make sure our number is saved to your phone so you can get in touch right away if there’s an emergency. 

What You Can Do Before a Predicted Freeze

Here are some simple steps you can take occasionally during the winter (and right before a predicted freeze) to help avoid issues with your pipes:

Maintain 40 degrees Fahrenheit in your sprinkler riser room
Double-check drum drips throughout the building
Cover up vents in the sprinkler riser room, or any other open accesses from the north
Double-check antifreeze systems to make sure they have proper levels of freeze protection
Leave faucets dripping, especially on north walls
Cover exterior faucets with insulators
Evaluate pipes as soon as the freeze is over
Ensure that all the ice is out of pipes and that they’re thawed out
Make sure there are no drafty areas around your pipes


If you have any questions about how to protect your pipes or would like to schedule your winterization appointment with our team, just click below. 

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