How to Reduce the Fire Risk on My Commercial Property

Safeguarding your commercial property from a fire may require some extra time and effort, but it is well worth it when compared to the extreme consequences and costs that come with a fire. Follow the helpful tips below to ensure that you, your employees, and your property are ready in case of a fire. 

1. Provide your employees with fire safety training

Your employees can provide a critical line of defense when it comes to fires. Ensure that all of your employees have proper training to deal with different types of fires. Time is of the essence when it comes to fires, and your employees need to be able to act quickly. 

Employees should also be provided training on how to prevent a fire in the first place. Prevention is the first line of the defense when it comes to fires, and all employees should maintain safe work practices to ensure they prevent any fires. 


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2. Install safety equipment  

A small fire can quickly spread into a larger one if it is not quickly identified. In order to identify fires quickly, install safety equipment such as fire alarms and a sprinkler system to minimize any fire damage. Also install multiple fire extinguishers throughout the building for added protection.

3. Stay up-to-date on your fire system inspections

Now that you have your safety equipment installed, it is imperative that you check them regularly to ensure they are in working order. Here are FPS, we offer inspection and maintenance on your fire suppression systems so that you can make sure they are ready in the case of a fire. 


4. Reduce fire hazards

There are a number of ways that fires can start, and a simple prevention method is to reduce the number of fire hazards. Some hazards include careless cooking, unsupervised candle use, and improper storage of flammable materials. 


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5. Keep an eye on electrical cords

Nowadays everyone has multiple appliances, and each of these has to be plugged in. Running these appliances simultaneously can actually put a lot of strain on your electrical system. Over time your cables can melt and fray and your wall outlets may become damaged. Make sure that you routinely take time to look for any obvious signs of damage to ensure that an electrical fire does not happen.


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6. Enforce restricted areas for smoking and non-smoking

If any of your employees take smoke breaks throughout the day then it is crucial to have a designated smoking area outside of the building. This smoking area should be located far away from any of the main buildings or flammable materials. Also, the area should include trash bins that are designed to dispose of cigarettes and smoking materials.


Reducing fire risk starts with you

Fire is one of the most common causes of property damage, and even though it does take time and effort to reduce the risk of fire, it is well worth it in order to protect your property and your people. In order to protect your property, it is crucial to educate your employees on fire safety, reduce any fire hazards, and have the necessary safety equipment installed and maintained. By following these simple tips, you can effectively reduce the risk of a fire.

FPS offers fire safety training for businesses, so if you think your team would benefit from some fire safety education, get in touch to schedule your training today.